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2017-07-27T17:47:49+03:00[Europe/Moscow] en true Avunculate, Marital rape, Bride kidnapping, Consanguinity, Husband, Polygyny, Wife, Housewife, Levirate marriage, Bride price, Jewish views on marriage, Christian views on marriage, Prenuptial agreement, Forced marriage, Humanae vitae, Heterogamy, Miscegenation, Kumkuma, Charivari, Picture bride, Spouse, Courtesy tenure, Fathers' rights movement, Stag and doe, Extramarital sex, Infidelity, LGBT rights in Japan, Marriage vows, Dower, Homemaking, Alienation of affections, List of coupled cousins, Marriage officiant, Breach of promise, Affair, Cousin marriage, Emotionally focused therapy, Aliment, Marriage of state, Paternity law flashcards Marriage
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